Our Beliefs

Follow Jesus.  Love God. Love People.


We believe that the sixty-six books of the Bible are the unique and final authority for what one believes and how one lives. As originally written, the Scriptures were entirely free from error. Every word and all parts were inspired by God.


We believe in one God, Creator of all things, who is holy, sovereign and perfect in all He is and in all He does. He eternally exists in three equal persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


We believe God the Father gives oversight to the ministries of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. He has laid down a plan for the ages and is working all things together to fulfill that plan.


We believe the Lord Jesus Christ is God the Son. We believe in His complete deity and humanity, His virgin conception, His sinless life, His death on the cross for the sins of the world and His bodily resurrection from the dead. He actively intercedes on behalf of the church and is preparing for His personal return to earth.


We believe that God the Holy Spirit convicts people of sin. He gives spiritual life, baptizes, indwells, seals and sets apart for holy use everyone at the moment they become a child of God. He bestows spiritual gifts upon believers, and empowers them for daily living.


We believe Satan is a created spirit being, the originator of sin, who revolted against God and now works in opposition to the people and purposes of God.


We believe the first couple, Adam and Eve, were divinely created in the image of God. Originally innocent, pure and in fellowship with God they fell from that position through the sin of disobedience. Their sin has left all people separated from God, condemned to physical and spiritual death and helpless to restore the original state.


We believe every person needs to be restored to life with God. Salvation is a gift from God graciously offered to humanity. It cannot be earned by any human effort. To receive this gift a person must repent, which involves turning from one’s own way to God’s way, and place their faith in the person and sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. By placing one’s faith in Jesus Christ a person becomes a child of God and begins a new, eternally secure relationship with God. Salvation will be evidenced by a changed life.


We believe that the church is composed of all who have become children of God. The local church is a gathering of believers, organized to do God’s will through worship, teaching, fellowship, evangelism and ministries of compassion and conscience. The local church observes two ordinances: Baptism is the immersing of believers in water to signify their relationship with and commitment to Christ; Communion is the partaking of bread and wine by believers as a memorial of the sacrifice of Christ. The leaders of the church are Elders, who are responsible to give oversight to the church.


We believe in the visible and bodily return of the Lord Jesus Christ to earth. Those who are children of God will receive a resurrected body and live in the full enjoyment of God’s presence forever. Those who are outside the family of God will be resurrected to spend eternity in everlasting punishment.