This Christmas Season we are asking everyone to consider giving to a special Christmas offering throughout the month of December that is over and above your regular giving.

This offering will go toward three incredible projects

Goal: $250,000

  • $100,000 - Mortgage
  • $100,000 - Ecuador Church
  • $50,000 - Production Tech

Thank you for your continued generosity to help make these goals a reality.

The dollars will be distributed proportionally to each ministry as the funds are received and any dollars above the goal amount will go towards paying down the mortgage.

Mortgage: $100,000

Paying down some of the principal of the mortgage will allow us to invest in future programs at Creekside.

ecuador workers

Ecuador Church: $100,000

We are excited about what God is doing with the ministry of our partners in Ecuador.  This offering will help them with facilities and resources to help reach the families of Carmen Bajo, Ecuador.  (more about Ecuador)

Production Tech: $50,000

We launched our online campus in late 2016. We have had viewers from over 30 countries. We want to update our production technology so we can better provide for both our online campus and Kitchener campus.

Online Map



Use the ‘Christmas Offering’ envelopes that are found in the update

Give online

Text donations

Simply text the amount with ‘Christmas’ after to

(226) 210-0585

for example: ‘100 Christmas’